Click to enlargeMRS. HILLíS NEW COOK BOOK
(New York City 1872)

By Annabella Hill of LaGrange, Georgia. Dedicated to ďyoung and inexperienced Southern housekeepers.Ē This edition was titled Mrs. Hillís New Cook Book, in spite of being virtually the same as the first edition of Mrs. Hillís Southern Practical Cookery of 1867. Mrs. Hill was an educated, well-read woman and quite unusual among cookbook writers of this period for carefully crediting borrowed material. Although her book was published after the Civil War, her cooking methods belonged to the prewar period 1830 - 1860 and must have seemed somewhat old-fashioned at the time. Strangely enough, she made no concessions for items in scarce supply after the war such as butter, wheat flour, eggs and sugar. Facsimile reprint. 459 pages. Hardcover.

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MRS. HILLíS NEW COOK BOOK (New York City 1872)
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