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By Helen Saberi and Alan Davidson. The English Kitchen is a series published by Prospect Books to explore and explain the course of English cookery over the last 300 years. Some of the series delve into historic cookery books to find the origins of particular dishes, other titles concentrate on modern favorites and the ways in which they have been interpreted today and in the recent past. Trifle is the first in the series.

The trifle has been a perennial of English summer lunches, tennis parties, and schoolboy dreams. The authors trace its origins to the earliest recipe (1596), and its gradual transformation from mere cooked cream to the many-layered custardy extravagance known today. The stages on its journey, described with the lightest of touch, are illustrated by recipes extracted from classic English cookery books. The authors range far and wide in search of the perfect trifle, from Zuppa Inglese to American aphrodisiac trifle, to a fruit and tapioca trifle from Laos. The material presented is scholarly, yet trips the light fantastic in a way that should appeal to all those curious about the development of the English national cuisine. 133 pages. Softcover. Import.

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