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Tartes de chare. 1435.Tartes de chare. 1435.
A Tart of Straw-berries. 1653.A Tart of Straw-berries. 1653.
Black Caps. 1747.Black Caps. 1747.
Click to enlargeSample Recipe from Beeton's Book of Household Management
Mrs. Beeton's Christmas Plum Pudding, 1861.

Welsh Leek Broth or Soup. 1867.Welsh Leek Broth or Soup. 1867.
Gombo with Crabs, or Shrimp. 1885.Gombo with Crabs, or Shrimp. 1885.
Rice Waffles. 1901.Rice Waffles. 1901.
Thick Parmesan Biscuits. 1909.Thick Parmesan Biscuits. 1909.
Forme of Cury.
A link to Greg Lindahl's scans of Dr. Samuel Pegge's 1780 printing of The Forme of Cury (ca. 1390 A.D.) compiled by the Master-Cooks of King Richard II. This copy autographed by the owner of the original manuscript, Gustavus Brander.

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